GMES & Africa Marine Services Design Workshop (October 2018)

The G&A Marine Services Design Workshop (a.k.a. on-the-job training on eStation 2.0) took place at
JRC in Ispra from the 1st to 12th of October 2018, with the participation of experts from CSIR, MOI,
NARSS and UoG.
The main goal of the Workshop was to work together with staff from RICs on the practical
implementation of environmental monitoring services, in the framework of GMES&Africa program.
The Workshop was very successful, much appreciated by the participants, and allowed a number of
developments of the eStation to serve the needs of GMES&Africa stakeholders, and the definition
of a precise implementation plan for further actions, including technical visits to the regional
implementation centers in the course of 2019.

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2018-10-15 10:00:00


Procedure to update Firefox for MESA Stations

We inform you that the browser Mozilla Firefox is out dated and deprecated, 
and possibly not working anymore on your MESA Station.
Please install the new version of Firefox on PC1, PC2 and PC3 of your MESA Station.
To update Firefox to version 52.4.0, we have created a self installer and instructions for you, 
which you can download from the JRC ftp server (using for example FileZilla) from the following directory:
Please contact us to get the credentials for the JRC ftp server:
MESA support TEAM


Plain text icon README.Upgrade-Firefox-52.4.0.txt

2017-12-18 15:45:00


MESA eStation2 UPDATE 2.1.1

As part of MESA stations maintenance and evolution, we are pleased to inform you that all your stations, 
already installed and deployed, will receive from 12/12/2017 an update that installs the e-Station 2.1.1.  
Version 2.1.1 represents a major improvement of the application, including new EO datasets and new features for their analysis: 
all new functionalities are described in the new version of the documentation, which is also part of the upgrade. 
This dissemination consists of 2 .rpm packages:
  • eStation2-Apps-2.1.1-8.x86_64.rpm
  • eStation2-Docs-2.1.1-2.x86_64.rpm
that will be disseminated through EUMETCast satellite data flow, and it will be received automatically on your stations 
with Antenna and PCs being operational. The packages are detected on the MESA PCs, and their installation is proposed to 
the User (as described at section 5.3 of the MESA Station Administration Manual). 
Please confirm the installation of packages.  
You will find, attached to this announcement the associated release note 2.1.1 
MESA support TEAM
Chers utilisateurs, Dans le cadre de la maintenance MESA ainsi que de son évolution, nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que vos stations, 
celles installées et déployées recevront demain 12/12/2017 une mise à jour et une installation de la e-station 2.1.1. 
La version 2.1.0 de la e-station est une évolution majeure de l’application, incluant de nouveau jeux de données « EO » 
ainsi que de nouvelles fonctionnalités. 
Toutes ses nouvelles fonctionnalités sont détaillées dans la documentation, qui fait aussi partie de la mise à jour. 
La mise à jour comprends 2 .rpm:
  • eStation2-Apps-2.1.1-8.x86_64.rpm
  • eStation2-Docs-2.1.1-2.x86_64.rpm
Ils seront disséminés par le moyen du canal EUMETCAST, et seront reçus automatiquement par vos stations par le truchement 
de l’antenne de réception et par les PC opérationnels. Ces paquets seront détectés par les PC MESA, et l’installation des RPM 
sera proposée aux utilisateurs (comme décrit au paragraphe 5.3 du manuel d’administration MESA). 
Merci de nous confirmer la bonne installation de cette nouvelle version. 
Vous trouverez, attaché en pièce jointe la liste des changements.
L’équipe support MESA

Plain text icon RELEASE NOTE 2.1.1.txt

2017-12-18 11:00:00


MESA Station System Update 1.3.0

Dear User
We inform you that all your MESA / PUMA stations, already installed and deployed, will receive the update 1.3.0 starting from 12/12/2017.
See attach release note for the detailed version.
MESA support TEAM
Chers utilisateurs,
Nous vous annonçons que vos stations MESA / PUMA, celles installées et déployées, vont recevoir la mise à jour 1.3.0 à partir du 12/12/2017.
Vous trouverez les détails de la mise à jour en Pièce Jointe.
L’équipe support MESA

PDF icon MESA_RN_005_TPZ-MESA-PUMA-release_note-EN.pdf

2017-12-18 10:45:00